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Swati Bishnoi
Swati Bishnoi
Law Clerk

Swati Bishnoi graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, where she earned her Master's in Corporate Law, Commercial Law, and Trade and is a Juris Doctor from India. She has been practicing law for 6 years across multiple and varied jurisdictions including clerking at the Supreme Court of India.

Ms. Bishnoi recently joined The Berglund Group, after practicing commercial litigation for three years at a boutique Los Angeles law firm. Ms. Bishnoi has handled a wide variety of matters, including litigation, mediation, transactional-related issues, valuation, and complex discovery related thereto.

Outside of work, Swati enjoys meditation, pilates, and hiking. She especially enjoys hiking around California at some of the most beautiful trails the state has to offer.

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